Thursday, 9 July 2009

Be Friends with...

Friends i adore you,
you held my bits and pieces
like the warmth enveloped in folded sheets
Yet, I wonder
where are you now
as i run in these narrow streets,
to tell you the truth;
it comes much as a surprise
how you see my strengths,
and hear none of my cries.
you label me in colorful confines,
i wish i had a better language
to paint futility of such public tag lines;
possibly the crisis you see in me is true
perhaps in my vulnerability
i disappoint you in ways i can never outdo
yet i hope that some day you will hear my plea
and be friends with the most mediocre in me!


in each of my heartbeat
i live your tantrums
with each of my heartaches
i re-live them
amidst much salsa and jazz
i dance to be sane
infinite possibilities
between the two
seduce me all over again