Saturday, 7 March 2009


You seem to have changed,
Now you don't ask me where I was when I wasn't with you;
When I get back home,
You rather ask,'how was the day?"
You don't seem to mind me driving your car,
rather you seem to enjoy not to be the driver all the time.
You move in my kitchen with utmost command,
as if you always belonged there.
You chase me till I give in.

And I change too;
Basking in your adulation,
I let you foot my bills;
I ask if I should dress up for our dates,

I let you see the vulnerable me,
and I seem to understand the vulnerable in you.
Enjoying the journey,
I think we are co-travelers,
and so i don't seem to note, 'who did the bidding?'
leading me on and urging me to trust,
You explore your way in while seeking ways out;
and because you always thought only about you,
I realize i traveled with shadows earlier and a ghost now.

1 comment:

Naina said...

I loved this one...Its excessively soft, underscores feminine insecurity and delicious vulnerability. Makes me smile that secret smile again...that too in the light of the day. :) Wonderful Shal...carry on!