Tuesday, 10 March 2009


When a friend,
like a NGO,
you believe in transparency of feelings,
accountability of actions;
open sharing of desires and fancies...
when you have my heart;
you become a perfect corporate,
never talking anything;
but, trade secrets act;
no wilful disclosure,
and never ever owning upto what you did to me!


Naina said...

If this isn't giving it back to 'them', with a hefty compounded interest, I don't know what is.. :D

Sukant said...

You Bet!!
truely very to the point, short and crisp..
add to it, few more feathers..

Parul said...

Gr8 going! This is perfect !! I cant stop laughing :D

Manas said...

Good One,
Its natural, when vested interest enters NGO, it turns corporate.

selva ganapathy said...

nice poem!!!
Good facts!