Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If only

you were
an imaginary dot,
redeeming me from
the whiff of
what and whatnot;
veiling the contours
that outline
distraught dreams
and 'mull over' diaries'
reveling not in hindsight
but in my forethought;
and imbibing the unsaid
code for survival
between delicate dandelions
and not so delicate trees,
if only you were
an imaginary dot;
i could have made
peace with my memories.


Mantasha said...

hey steve jobs/ms dot :)
how r u doing?
writing poems n living on.
course kaisa hai?

kmadhuresh said...

only if you were an imaginary dot... Three,or four dots ?

Anonymous said...

nice poem
i lik your blog
visit mine also
and follow it if you like it