Wednesday, 23 December 2009

real heroines and masculine spirits

i hear the chime
dreams lidded eyes
my heart docile
'i believe in you'
with don williams,
i hummed meanwhile
but now i
see through this mime;
with a green light on
i saw you were still typing
and it had been
a long long time;
i confer gtalk too inherits
your masculine spirits
so; my dear
as you weigh your choices
to standby love or without
like real heroines
I sign out.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


o, lovers of the world
sing me a lullaby
that; I may rise and shine,
forgo what was once mine
and; unlike our lot
not rebound,
to ruin yet another page in a rhyme!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bhopal, tell me how do you feel at 25?

Oh Bhopal
Tell me, how do you feel at 25;
when the youth doesn't kick in
and the years don't add to age;
when the wisdom u gain
make u renew your vows;
and hope in vain
perhaps; this would be the year
when thousands,
won't be betrayed all over again;
Perhaps; this would be the year
with no March to Delhi;
no wilful release of toxics in body;
no hunger strikes;
and no rally.
Tell me, how do you feel at 25;
when you already fathered kids
who look as old and weak as you
with their own land and law
challenging the human element of Dow
seemingly; no one to turn to;
and nowhere to go
yet, they,not the stillborns
and theirs,not the aborted woe
with umbilical cord
held tight in their hands
to not despair;
to not let go...
sheltered now in their hope and struggle
Oh, Bhopal
Tell me, how do you feel at 25?