Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bhopal, tell me how do you feel at 25?

Oh Bhopal
Tell me, how do you feel at 25;
when the youth doesn't kick in
and the years don't add to age;
when the wisdom u gain
make u renew your vows;
and hope in vain
perhaps; this would be the year
when thousands,
won't be betrayed all over again;
Perhaps; this would be the year
with no March to Delhi;
no wilful release of toxics in body;
no hunger strikes;
and no rally.
Tell me, how do you feel at 25;
when you already fathered kids
who look as old and weak as you
with their own land and law
challenging the human element of Dow
seemingly; no one to turn to;
and nowhere to go
yet, they,not the stillborns
and theirs,not the aborted woe
with umbilical cord
held tight in their hands
to not despair;
to not let go...
sheltered now in their hope and struggle
Oh, Bhopal
Tell me, how do you feel at 25?


jeny dolly said...

Brilliant would be an understatement!

suroopa said...

Truely moving!

Akhil Katyal said...

with you on every word.

sumay sarangi said...

nice sincere apologies for not being able to recognise u at the press club earlier in the yr.

Shal said...

@jeny, suroopa, akhil- :)
@ sumay- don't worry, I am actually glad you found me here rather than press club :)

Deepti said...

very nice...though i know very little about the poems :)

purplesilt said...

What would Bhopal possibly say to this! It must be really greatful that someone bothered to ask these questions!

Roy said...

The lines in this enlightening poem "no one to turn to;and nowhere to go" tell the whole story of Bhopal survivors and their helplessness...Comment by Roy