Wednesday, 23 December 2009

real heroines and masculine spirits

i hear the chime
dreams lidded eyes
my heart docile
'i believe in you'
with don williams,
i hummed meanwhile
but now i
see through this mime;
with a green light on
i saw you were still typing
and it had been
a long long time;
i confer gtalk too inherits
your masculine spirits
so; my dear
as you weigh your choices
to standby love or without
like real heroines
I sign out.


Akhil Katyal said...

" real heroines
I sign out." :) great :)

Eshan said...

Hilariously gud.Bahut saari janta relate karegi isse,haan bas difference yeh hai ki smile ke saath logout karegi

Naina said...

Heeheehee. Thats being mean-spirited. The fun with online communication is that we can tune people out without being rude. :D

atimous said...

you know why i am laughing? I am proud of myself :P (sorry for the narcissism :D

kalpana said...

Hm............great! Happy new year dear and another thing....! I just started writing you wouldn't have known about my writing when you were in CMS :-)

purplesilt said...

loved the title..but still dont know what you meant by the online masculine spirits..what exactly are you implying hinting discovering? tel.l me moreee