Wednesday, 9 November 2011

nightmares and dreams

you were there
weren't you?
when i walked past you at Trafalgar
banner in one hand
screams-'toris you must go'
the girl in blue pants tweeted on her blackberry
'come join us, for this is our story'
some played drums, others violin;
gliding gloriously, all of us in unison;
it was then that u turned;
as if; you were in a hurry;
as if; the ground beneath you was slippery;
and you wanted to take everyone into
the labyrinthine St' Paul's
choppers swirled by
you told us what occupation means
in the Westminster walls
i was right there;
behind you;
awaiting you to turn again,
for you to say once more;
'white paper- catch it, bin it, kill it'
to hold your eyes with mine;
and to tell you to count me in all your schemes,
for their nightmares are our dreams.


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