Monday, 3 October 2011

कुछ और बात...

तुतलाती हुई
जो लब पर आकर रुके ना
जो तब और अब की
देहलीज़ पर, खड़ी सोचती न रहे;
न पड़े इन झंझटो के बीच
की; अब हम आपके हैं कौन ?
उलझनों में जो,
बिना सर पैर के मचले एक बार फिर
और; थोड़ी अंगडाई लिए
साथ उड़ान के नए अंजुमन करें दाख़िल,
पुराने हर सिलसिले से परे;
चलो, अब कुछ और बात करें...


chirag said...

nice one shalini
kam shabdo m bahut kuch kaha
kahna to bahut tha mujhe bhi
par chalo kuch aur bat kare

anand said...

bahot badhiya....the recent ones have all turned out awesome

Akhil Katyal said...


Akhil Katyal said...

Suggest changes when you find time? Again, lovely one.

That which, fumbling,

is not held back at the lips,

which does not stay behind

an' think, which tips

over the threshold of then

and now, perhaps that's how

we could talk, that which

does not trouble itself with

what I could be to you.

That which, distracted,

plays once again without a care,

that which, taking the dare,

stretches for a flight, looks for

new gathering spots in the

night, beyond all this past,

come, let's talk of other things.