Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If only

you were
an imaginary dot,
redeeming me from
the whiff of
what and whatnot;
veiling the contours
that outline
distraught dreams
and 'mull over' diaries'
reveling not in hindsight
but in my forethought;
and imbibing the unsaid
code for survival
between delicate dandelions
and not so delicate trees,
if only you were
an imaginary dot;
i could have made
peace with my memories.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

बंद मुट्ठी और संवेदना

दस उँगलियाँ,
दो मुट्ठी
और, हर मुट्ठी में
उबलती संवेदना;
कभी इधर लुढ़कती;
कभी उधर ठुलकती;
सुलगती उँगलियो के बीच,
बाहर निकलने को पलटती;
लाखो बिलखती चींटियाँ
करंट बनके दौड़ती;
हर नृशंश अत्याचार की
कहानी को जोडती;
दमन के विरोध में
उठेंगी हथेलियाँ;
'इन्कलाब जिंदाबाद'
गाते चल पड़ेंगे मस्ताने बेलियाँ;
ताले लगाओ या पहरे बिठाओ,
फौलादी किलो में
कब बंदी बनी संवेदना;
जनम से ही सीखा जिसने,
चक्रव्यूह को भेदना
इतराते हो अपनी
ताकत पर बहुत तुम;
ज़माना देखेगा अब,
बंद मुट्ठियो का बोलना,
'दम है तो रोक कर दिखाओ ,
मेरी आत्मा का मुझे झकझोरना !'

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Republic and the Third Spectacle

let me repeat what i just read,
"Indians celebrated a
peaceful 61st Republic Day...
undaunted by terror threats,
Maoist shutdowns,
separatist boycotts or
even the morning fog
that blanketed New Delhi"
and the day was marked by;
'a solemn start of
a colourful spectacle'
by the coming together of
our President, Prime Minister,
and the President of South Korea.

Few minutes ago,
I met yet another outlander

cornered by the elite agora;
cringing, humiliated
having lost its steel to Posco,
which possibly is vying to be
the new UNESCO,
Indian Republic then, a victim of symbolic violence

now, a victim of real vehemence
quickly handed me 
the news report, the film
and a t-shirt that appealed
'Save me from operation Green Hunt'
with a look both
apprehensive and affront,

it is precisely then that

I had the 'goose flesh moment'
designed by
the State and the market economy
when I found

Debord's Third Spectacle
laughing at me!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Audience decry

in times now
We the people;
have goose bumps,
as you play devil's advocate
in the big fight between
state and people;
Some hard talk,
is all; what you assume
audience find adequate;
and as the verdict unfolds,
we see you grappal
with drama and conflict;
staging a trial
for one amongst us
who dared to be the convict.
bringing; your side of the story;
in your language; through
your lens; enacting public debate.
We see your zest
and the swell of your chest
at each smart line that
market-media-state define
but, as the plot thickens
you sign off;
blurring the might of the ethics
with ethics of the might;
and,we wonder if
you would, for once, allow us
to sing our very own song; titled,
'why did you think,
Nandigram was the experiment that went wrong?'

Check out: Karan Thapar in conversation with Dr. Binayak Sen
and a response, 'Dialogue of the deaf' by Sevanti Ninan

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Green Hunt

who are these maoists
whose heart carry the fire
of a soul ripped out;
and hands hold the embers;
of life beyond doubt,
when gold is mined out;
and half of us
wage an operation
on the other half
goa, mehdiganj, plachimara;
narmada, bhopal, chengara;
feeding into the voices
drowned by slogan 'development'
kashipur, srinagar, tehri,
singur, nandigram, niyamgiri,
pushing the walls against
might and money,
who are these maoists
also nicknamed naxalites
is he one, many or few?
and why to them is
Green Hunt dedicated;
do they love this land
more than we do?