Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Republic and the Third Spectacle

let me repeat what i just read,
"Indians celebrated a
peaceful 61st Republic Day...
undaunted by terror threats,
Maoist shutdowns,
separatist boycotts or
even the morning fog
that blanketed New Delhi"
and the day was marked by;
'a solemn start of
a colourful spectacle'
by the coming together of
our President, Prime Minister,
and the President of South Korea.

Few minutes ago,
I met yet another outlander

cornered by the elite agora;
cringing, humiliated
having lost its steel to Posco,
which possibly is vying to be
the new UNESCO,
Indian Republic then, a victim of symbolic violence

now, a victim of real vehemence
quickly handed me 
the news report, the film
and a t-shirt that appealed
'Save me from operation Green Hunt'
with a look both
apprehensive and affront,

it is precisely then that

I had the 'goose flesh moment'
designed by
the State and the market economy
when I found

Debord's Third Spectacle
laughing at me!

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anand said...

very well put