Friday, 19 February 2010

Audience decry

in times now
We the people;
have goose bumps,
as you play devil's advocate
in the big fight between
state and people;
Some hard talk,
is all; what you assume
audience find adequate;
and as the verdict unfolds,
we see you grappal
with drama and conflict;
staging a trial
for one amongst us
who dared to be the convict.
bringing; your side of the story;
in your language; through
your lens; enacting public debate.
We see your zest
and the swell of your chest
at each smart line that
market-media-state define
but, as the plot thickens
you sign off;
blurring the might of the ethics
with ethics of the might;
and,we wonder if
you would, for once, allow us
to sing our very own song; titled,
'why did you think,
Nandigram was the experiment that went wrong?'

Check out: Karan Thapar in conversation with Dr. Binayak Sen
and a response, 'Dialogue of the deaf' by Sevanti Ninan

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Akhil Katyal said...

yes yes yes. exactly! thanks shalini for this. and more of the same -->