Thursday, 5 March 2009

Buddha reasons

'Why I am, what I am?
often I sit occupied with nothing
but, this thought.
The thought is not mundane,
it had the might of a tide,
taking all other thoughts in its sway.
Yet, it had the plight of an infant,
searching for 'that' look of recognition.
With it, I am helpless
Without it, I am useless.
The crisis of identity is the cause
and I ask, 'Why I am, what I am?'

I am so I fear and yet cheer,
hope and yet struggle.
I am so I fight and yet achieve,
smile and yet decieve.
And the suffering has to be adorn
for we got the birth
and if birth leads to suffering
then why the will to be born?
I reason;
Perhaps we attach ourself to this world,
Perhaps we attach ourself to its objects,
This attachment is nothing
but, the desire for possession
and the possession is nothing
but, an effect of perception.
We touch, we hear and we see
and so the impulse of detachment flee.
We feel so we lust,
we need so arise a thirst.
I reason;
my senses lead to its cognition
but, could they do it,
without a mind-body conglomeration?
It was decided when I was still in the womb,
the impressions carved
casted by nothing
glimpses of past
Travelled through all zones of time,
the journey of future, present and past,
I am still in the darkness
Just as I always was,
and in this perfect black of ignorance,
I feel the void within,
the enlightened though showed the path
but, the reason remains to be reasoned
'Why I am, What I am?'


Manasi said...

Wow:) It's brilliant. I love how you can put all the complications around your contemplations out there. Laid out, just as they are. and possibly just as they were when they came up for you.

Rohan said...

Wow Shalini!
One, The more I read your blog, the more I become a fan of yours (Seriously! :-))
Second, I just admire the way you write on such subjects because writing about such subjects require a deep sense of self-acceptance, to accept the imperfections, the confusions, the embarrassment at times and all those feelings which we generally do not like confronting to the mirror, what about the rest of the world.
So hats off...
I will wait for a collection published. More people should read your thoughts.


Roy said...

The poem with its philosophical thought of human beings searching for their identity in this world is captivating. Reading this poem makes me think that how mortal and morbid human beings are.
Comment by Roy