Thursday, 5 March 2009 I blossom!

Oh! How I blossom!!
Soul no more a treasure of flesh,
hopes no more the urge,
ripples of passion come beating,
when cause and effect merge,
Oh! how I blossom.

Since parameters lost their meaning,
and wild goose chase bagan,
my thoughts wandering,
in mortal and immortal zones,
the rigid ground a witness,
to the zest of a zeolot's run.
Oh! how I blossom!

The twilight my vigenette,
and xanthic halo my glow,
union of real fallacies,
the transition an amazing flow.
Stiffness of death dismantles,
as life becomes eternal,
with the joy of freedom,
cherishing the beauty in deformity,
Oh! How I blossom!

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shanky said...

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)