Sunday, 15 March 2009


left no more left,
right no more right;
centre not being the centre,
they rule with their might;
with full circle,
from front to behind;
I can't even opt to be non aligned!


selva ganapathy said...

that's the problem.. we have a democracy where we don't have a choice...probably rather than talking and writing sometime I feel like we should get into politics (I at least thought I should). I don't know how far it would be feasible for youths to enter politics but there must be a start somewhere....
its a difficult situation to be in and the dilemma keeps haunting all the time :)....

shree prakash said...

andheri raat hai, saaya to ho nahi sakta
phir ye kaun hai so saath-saath chalta hai

Naina said...

Hmm, Is it any wonder then that we have become so prone to apathy?