Friday, 6 March 2009


How this came to be so.
Knowing your boundaries,
I restrained
while, you remained the stock-still shore.
Growing to enjoy the rhythm
and bridging the gap,
between those spaces;
you claimed were so sacred,
that you rejected any connection,
yet, contemplating...
why not!
I know the conflict that marks,
the sway of an unclear mind;
so, like the roving waves
I waited;
for us to realize,
how we touch each other.


Naina said...

The waiting...and the apparent exploring of sacred places might just be an illusion. How I wish it were true. Maybe, hoping against hope is addictive, and seeking a confirmation that the clock ticks according to the rhythm of my heart is futile.
But then....who cares.. :) This almost holy meditative and painful waiting is a high...matched only by its own kin..and nothing else.
Wonderful writing Shal.. :) I thoroughly enjoyed it.

shanky said...