Thursday, 5 March 2009


Sometimes it takes so long,
nowhere to go,
& nowhere to turn to.
With shattered hopes,
returning to a point,
which marks my demise.
Still unaware
& still occupied,
the web of love entangles me.
I question its identity,
& probe into its self.
It is there,
right before me,
stubborn yet humble,
it looks into my eyes,
reflecting the stirring future ahead.
I deny;
& gather my soul.
Miles ahead,
I am here taken aback
& hoping against hope.
Yet, it stayed.
I can't do it off,
as I can't with my shadow.
It was within me,
flowing & rendering a warmth.
Nowhere to go
& Nowhere to turn to,
I now look forward,
to love and to be loved.

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