Sunday, 10 January 2010

Green Hunt

who are these maoists
whose heart carry the fire
of a soul ripped out;
and hands hold the embers;
of life beyond doubt,
when gold is mined out;
and half of us
wage an operation
on the other half
goa, mehdiganj, plachimara;
narmada, bhopal, chengara;
feeding into the voices
drowned by slogan 'development'
kashipur, srinagar, tehri,
singur, nandigram, niyamgiri,
pushing the walls against
might and money,
who are these maoists
also nicknamed naxalites
is he one, many or few?
and why to them is
Green Hunt dedicated;
do they love this land
more than we do?


jasmine said...

i am not sure who loves the land more , nut if state is out to destroy people for the land, then these land are really worth. its plain economics!

its sad how people are being forgotten in this race for development.

anand jha said...

interesting compilation.
keep posting .:)

Roy said...

The place 'Chengara' is mentioned in this poem. Not many academics even in Kerala (my state) have not heard of this place;it is nice to see that an academic from far away north India here has mentioned about this place
comment by Roy