Friday, 23 November 2007

Mesmerism- an ordeal!

Life has started mesmerizing me,
Advent and departure of thou timid soul,
in flashes she touches and in flashes she leaves us alone,
burning in the rage to know the oblivious,
myself found in the spell of thee,
Yes, life has started mesmerizing me.

Ticklish the path
and stringent the means,
deep in the core, lies the zeal
to rove on as we must,
free at last the sturdy of lust.
Wrangler- no doubt,
has chosen her own prairie,
Yes, life has started mesmerizing me.

Stunningly beautiful, yet unseen;
a voyage demanding, no demand to be keen.
Firmly and gently she plays with me,
perplexing with desire to get feel of thee.
I turn to her and she smiles at me,
fears shy away as reality strives;
a day shall come,
when I shall be the chosen one,
the womb shall play the cradle
and life shall born out from the alive
ordeal shall end and adversity shall flee
nightly and gently I will hold her to my knee
Yes, life has started mesmerizing me.

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