Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hypothetical Heroes

I remember a dear friend
telling me,
'learn to read the silences,
no words are needed;
when actions ring,
you are loved dearly,
and silences sing.'
I marveled at his wisdom,
I cherished this verse;
like Alice,
I walked with hypothetical heroes
in a parallel universe.
You know ,
I belong to Jane Austen's world,
and so one day I met someone,
who wasn't a duke
who wasn't a duke's friend either
he didn't mention pride,
and prejudice neither.
I was overwhelmed,
he looked so strong,
he smelled of courage;
so I followed my heart's song.
He delighted in the joy,
yet spoke of his fears;
It was unusual something,
he said, he didn't share with his peers;
he wondered why,
he has untouched shores,
with no space and closed doors,
we walked hand in hand,
and he led me to a place,
I was touched
and I was delighted
The canopy was thick
flowers were wild,
colours were bright;
and breeze was mild,
this 'garden of peace' he called his heart
I was there and I was his part.
Butterflies fluttered,
cuckoos called;
I basked in this beauty,
fumbled and stalled
'love is a leap,
I heard someone say.
Did you mean that I can stay
Forever and a day?.'
He gleamed,
and he smiled,
I saw a twinkle;
as he replied,
'Oh, stay you can't,
but you can come again;
You are a special friend,
and I love to entertain.'
He took me by hand,
and read me a verse;
Hypothetical heroes
in a parallel universe.
So you see my friend,
I don't know if silences sing
words are true and actions can ring
But for sure I gained some insight
that murky night when silences sighed!