Thursday, 19 November 2009

a bit random

In a random mood
when u come to me
and sit still
holding the words in a queue,
biding your time;
you don't notice
I am merged in
some far away point;
embracing your gaze
without much ado.
You look ahead
at the future we can make;
and, i re live the past
we built together,
moments gone
in the spur of moments;
and so,
like the final act of a play
as you take my hand in yours;
and tell me how magical this bliss is
i wonder if this togetherness is here to stay.


Imagination said...

Woa! this is so lovely Shalini. Have read some of your poems and quite liked it. will soon visit again.

Shal said...

thanks dear. am glad you liked it. Do give your feedback as and when.

Shal said...
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