Sunday, 1 July 2012

For You (By Arpita Gaidhane)

Words overflowed, overlapped, collided
Time warped itself into a liquid current
Laughter and pain, erratic, we shared
In no set pattern, just the rhythm of life
Life to be lived, to be loved, to be found
In the everyday nothings that were our own
No one else could give or take that life
I learned from patience, actions and words
Today a woman: confident, uncertain,
Will leave with a shadow of your spirit
Following your path, I make my own
Jumping off the cliff, to either fly or fall
Forevermore they will shield my wings
Those patience, actions and words you had
For meandering conversations, questions
and doubts, that forged a blade of strength
Forevermore I will look back, grateful
for the timeless words that said all and nil
Words that overflowed, overlapped, collided
To enter the warped liquid current of time
And in no pattern, the rhythm of our lives
continues softly, and the rest is silence.

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